The Joshua Center works hard to try and accommodate the financial needs of each of its clients. We are currently accepting credit/debit cards, cash or check as forms of payment. We do not bill insurance at this time. Payment is due at the end of each session. If there is a problem with this, arrangements are to be made beforehand. We will discuss any concerns or issues about your payment in the first session. Each professional contractor sets his/her own fees according to his/her experience and licensure.

The sliding scale for Nicole Bihl, M.S., LMFTA:

Household Yearly Gross Income Fee
$40,000 or less $50
$40,001 – 65,000 $65
$65,001 – 90,000 $80
$90,001 or more $95

The sliding scale for Kyle Felke, Life Coach:

Household Yearly Gross Income Per Session
$60,000 or less $25
$60,001 – 75,000 $35
$75,001 – 90,000 $45
$90,001 or more $55